Good day to all!


  • What piece of the puzzle items for using blogging sharing accessibility and facility is more valuable as a theme, the particle blog that attracts every visitor through impact, color and format?
  • Well, design is always great for making the difference between a spectacular blog and a less interesting blog.
  • So today we will continue to talk about the fifth sub-unit of “Appearance” unit, so we’ll speak about “Theme Options”.




  • This sub-unit indicates your chosen “Themes” sub-unit and contains several classifications:


  • By “Color Scheme”, we have to select the scheme color and the display of “Sidebar’s” unit and we have to choose from the next colors: gray, green, red, blue, pink and purple;


  • By “Default Layout”, we have to choose where the content  can be placed in the page and how to be willing the portion or portions of the “Sidebar” on the page, so we have to choose from: “Content – Sidebar”, “Sidebar – Content”, “Content – Sidebar – Sidebar”, “Sidebar – Sidebar – Content”, “Sidebar – Content – Sidebar” and “Full – Width, No Sidebar”;


  • By “Social Icons”, you can apply on the blog, other pages that you have, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube, by adding their URL on the blank sides from behind the page sides and you can add of course a RSS feed icon by clicking its indication space;


  • On “Featured Post Label” you can type a custom label for your featured sticky post, so you can leave it blank for no label;


  • On “Featured Post Visibility” you can show the featured post only on the home page by checking its indication space.


  • Do not forget to “SAVE OPTIONS”.


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