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How To Create A Blog With WordPress

How To Create A Blog With WordPress


Last time we talked about the secondary menu section of your WordPress blog and I mentioned that today we will talk a little more broadly about the “Comments” box, so it’s time to talk a little about this heading and then will treat the third section in more detail.

Last time we classified the “Comments” section in five subunits, namely: “All”, “Pending”, “Approved”,  “Spam” and “Trash”.

Under this classification on the left side, we find three applications, the first two featuring a sub-application and we will have: first application having the sub-application “Apply”, the second having the sub-application “Filter” and the third application is called “Check for Spam”.




The first application is classified in: “Bulk Actions”, “Unapprove”, “Approve”, “Mark as Spam” and “Move to Trash”, which means: the act of storing messages in column “Comments” before be displayed on the blog, the second one, on do not accepting to post certain posts, messages marked as spam and other messages for their storage in the “Trash” sub-heading .

A second application is classified in: “Show all comment types”, “Comments” and “Pings” and displays all types of comments, normal comments and pings itself (comments based on other blogs advertisements).

The third application, “Check for Spam”, is considering the comments received spam checking and according to selected messages, this indicates which messages are spam and depending on this and with the other two applications, consequently take action to be sent to the spam box and applied, or filter these messages or delete them inside the final heading of “Trash”, which has previously entered deletion.


On the right in the heading entitled “Comments”, we’ll meet a heading called “Search Comments”, which you can find comments by its name and under this heading, you will find the comments pages delimitation and the total number of comments posted in your blog page.




Above the heading of “Comments”, also we’ll see two separate sections: one for “Screen Options” and the other for “Help”, the first serving to alter your comments focusing screen or decreasing the number of reviews per page, depending on your versatile bases and the second is to help by making available informations, thus facilitating your work on the blog.




The third section, as we talked last time, include the following headings: “Appearance”, “Users”, “Tools”, “Settings” and “Collapse menu”.

The “Appearance” box includes the following sub-categories: “Themes”, “Customize”, “Widgets”, “Menus”, “Theme Options”, “Header”, “Background”, “Custom Design” and “Mobile”.




The sub-section “Themes”, is a place where we choose a theme from the ones displayed on WordPress and we will activate it.




The “Customize” sub-heading placed on the right side, is the place where we choose our blog style and we will choose from the grid of options, so the image through “Snapshots”, “Colors”, “Fonts”, “Header”, “Background Image”, “Front”, “Site Title” and “CSS” and then we can save the application accessing “Save” or going back to the application page by clicking “Cancel”. For more details, we will talk in more detail next time.




Since heading “Appearance” is quite complex, we’ll talk about it next time, continuing with the other subunits. Thank you for understanding!


A beautiful day everyone! 🙂