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3 Steps on how to create a money blog


Let’s speak a lthittle:

Blogging has become the most simple action to get to the people necessities, to fulfil their wishes and to make them passioned with blogging, in making them to wish having a blog too.


To blog is for the people that want to write, to communicate with others, not only news, but part of their lives too, so there are personal blogs or professional blogs.

A professional blog is a blog which contains publicity and bring to people servicies that might need in the exchange of a sum of money, according with the servicies they promotes in the blog.

“Creating a money blog” is just a professional blog that helps people on making a money blog.

Theaching you on how to make a blog, how to use it, how to publish your ideas and how to make money from this activity and how to use programs like Photoshop increasing your view about image and how to make publicity by using this tips, this entire activity is our job.

We’ll teach you because we know you need it and you’ll receive the best teaching skills because we know you will grow up soon and getting higher.

So why don’t we start right now?

Here there are 3 steps on how to creat a money blog:

1. Looking on a blog platform and choosing the best you think might be for your activity (you need to know first which will be the servicies you want to promote);

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2. The second step is to get an account on the web blog platform and begin to follow the steps from the platform on customizing you blog like using a theme, profile, looking for some tools in which you can choose your appearance on the screen for your blog, adding gadgets and than you are ready to start. Another important thing is to write an about page in which you can present yourself in few words and your future activity from the blog and then you can share your homepage (the pages you want guests to see when they enter your blog) and in every page you will have to do an article regarding that page subject.

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3. After all this steps you are ready to go and live your mind creating articles about your work, share your work with friends and people and get many friends to make your blog being more visualised by them. The key is to have a paid web blog.

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NEXT TIME: I will teach you the 1st lesson about platforms and give you a list from you can choose one according to your web blog activity.

Hope you liked the article and see you next time!

Best regards! 🙂