7 Easiest Tips for Blogging with Menu in WordPress

7 Tips of the Easiest Guidelines for Blogging Beginners on WordPress


Good day to all!




                As in the previous article, we set the topic of today and as we said, we’ll talk about “Menus”.

                1. “Menus” are classified in two sections, each in turn with each separate classification.

                2. The first section is divided into “Pages”, “Links”, “Categories” and “Format” and the second one, divides in “Menu Name” and its “Structure”.


                 3. The “Menu Name” has an option where you can “Create Menu” by entering a title at your choice and the “Menu Structure” is a structure where you can edit your default menu by adding or removing items. You only have to drag each item into the order you prefer and click “Create Menu”, to save your changes.


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                  4. On “Pages” you can find your most recent pages. That pages by selecting them from the “Most Recent Pages” or from the other two options that it has: “View All” and “ Search”, you can add them to the menu and they’ll appear on the “Menu Structure”.


                  5. On the “Links” button you have an “URL” slide and a “Link Text” (Menu Item). You only have to fill them and then to add them to the menu by clicking “Add to Menu” button.


                  6. “Categories” has the same clasification as “Pages” with the specific “Uncategorized” mark, so you have to select it and add it to the menu.


                   7. At the “Format” button, we do not have items, or at least, we did nou formated any item, to have it there.



                   I hope you had been entertained again by the useful information we provided to you and I wish you, until next time, an easy blogging and to have fun by having a happiest day as possible!



See you soon! 🙂

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