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Tips on choosing the best web blog platform for your blog

Let’s remember a few things about BLOG


What are “blogs”?

A blog (word originated from English words “web blog” = internet journal) is a web publication (a written text) containing periodic articles and / or with continuous updates, which usually have a personal style. As a rule, updating blogs consist of additions of new texts, like a journal, all contributions being displayed in reverse chronological order (newest appear immediately on the top view).  General, this kind of web publications are available to the public.

If at first blogs were manually updated, with time “tools” had appeared (programs and methods) to automate the process. The use of such software based on Internet browsers is now a normal aspect of blogging.

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Platforms for blogs:

There are many blogging platforms, such as WordPress (the blogging platform most known and used), Blogger and more.

The purpose of blogs varies greatly, from personal diaries to the “weapons” of political advertising campaigns, media programs or various commercial companies. They also vary as the author – from one to a whole community. Blogs can be an important source of income for those who manage them.

Many blogs allow visitors to respond with their comments, which are also public, those creating a community of readers centered around the blog; other blogs are interactive.

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All blogs and authors of blogs was called blogosphere. See for example Romanian blogosphere, Moldovan blogosphere. Beside this, blogs are one of the many facets of the phenomenon called Web 2.0.

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And now, here you have a top of the most popular web blog platforms from you can choose for your own blog.

Top 30 Web Blog Platforms:


1. WordPress

2. Blogger

3. Twitter

4. Tumblr

5. Posterous

6. Squarespace

7. TypePad

8. Movable Type

9. Drupal

10. ExpressionEngine

11. Open Diary

12. Live Journal

13. Xanga

14. Dead Journal

15. My Space

16. Facebook

17. Ning

18. Bebo

19. Identi.ca

20. Plurk

21. Hi5

22. Tripod

23. PHP Nuke

24. Wheatblog

25. Penzu

26. Joomla

27. EggBlog

28. FlatPress

29. LifeType

30. LoudBlog

Hope you found interesting this article and next time, we’ll learn more about how to make a blog in few steps.

Have a great day!