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3 Steps on how to set your “HOME PAGE” a static page

Your “HOME PAGE” – an interesting subject you want to speak about


Today we’ll speak about how we can make our first page of our blo1..g (the home page) to be a static page or every other post of the blog.

What  “Home page” means and how to set it on blogger?

What is “Home page”?

“Home page” is the first page of the blog, the one in which the last posts of the blog appears.

All platforms of blogging has a beginning page like that, noting that some of them like WordPress, has the option to set like “Home page” a static page from the blog.

Blogger Blogspot is great for that?

Yes, it is. Blogger has introduce soon the option of redirection of some pages from the blog to others, so, in using of this option we can set like “Home page” a static page on blogger.

How do we set Home page a static page? th (1)

             Step   1. Creating static pages which will become home page

                First of all, creat a static page as you like it. Put in it what you want guests to see the first time they enter on the blog.

Give it a title like “Home” or “Home page” that the url of the page to be short and then you can publish the page. Modify again the static page and give it a title that you like to appear in the first page and on google search.

Don’t forget to do too a description for the tag “description”, because the description that you’ve writed for the beginning page doesn’t apply anymore.


If you wish to have coments on the first page, you can activate them from the right side of the text

editor from “The settings of the page – -> Options”.

                Publish again the static page and then copy the url address of the page in a Notepad file.

                The address will look like this:


Step 2. Optional: link the last articles in the menu

            If you choose to show your last articles of the blog in the static pages menu, put on the menu this link:

           yourblogaddress.blogspot.com /search named it “Blog”. Change with your blog url the red written side.

                Step 3.  The redirection to the new Home page

                Now we’ll make the permanent redirection to the new created static page.

Enter on “Settings – -> Favourite searches – -> errors and redirections- ->Personalised redirections” and click the link “Edit”.

A window will open in which we’ll make the settings like that:

In the room: “From:” please introduce only this sign: /.

This sign is the same thing like the beginning page from the blog.

In the room: “To:” please introduce the last part from the new created static page url, I mean the red writted side: yourblogaddress.blogspot.com/p/home.html.

Look to the next picture.



                Check the room behind the “Permanent”, word that the redirection to be permanent, click on the “Save” bottom and then click on the “Save the modifications”.

                Now is the time you have to check your blog to see if the changes has been made. If the redirection can not produce, follow again the 3rd stept with more attention.

The modification of the static menu pages   th (2)

                Pay attention to the static menu pages and you’ll see that they are linked so the last beginning page from the blog as the new created static page in the menu and clicked all the bottoms, both goes in the same place.

                To solve this problem, you should enter at “Aspect” to find the gadget object “Pages” and to click on ”Edit”.

                Here you’ll see that so the old page as the new static one are clicked. 



Unclick one of them and save the gadget object. Now the problem is solved and you will have just one only bottom that will bring you to “Home page”.

If you wish to get to the first form of the blog, you only have to do is to delete the made redirection and everything will get to normal.

Hope you liked this article and see you next time, with many interesting things!

Bye! 🙂