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1 Experimental Method to Understand Better the Inactive Widgets on WORDPRESS



              In the preview post, we’ve spoke about the widgets available parts, as today we’ll continue our presentation with the second one, as inactive widgets and we have: “Categories”“Archives”“Categories”“Top Posts & Pages”“Calendar”“Text”“Custom Menu”“Follow Blog”, “Image”“Links”“RSS Links”“Top Rated”“Gravatar”, “Twitter” and “Facebook Like Box”.



  • In the first “Categories” group you have to choose a title and to select which form is more appropriate to your blogs show and to activate them.




  • On “Archives” we have the same menu bar with just a modification on the shows selecting form.




  • The second “Categories” group has the same menu bar as the first group.


  • “Top Posts & Pages” has the same utility as the others from the ”Available Widgets” application, with the difference they aren’t available.




  • “Calendar” is the same application from the available widgets, application that can be inactive depending on what you might choose. And so you might continue with the others inactive widgets from the list.




8 9


11 12

13 14








19 20

21 22


Next time we’ll present the widgets sidebar and then we will enjoy “Menus” bar.


Until NEXT time, hope you will enjoy this full of information article and have a great time standing by to learn more about WORDPRESS!

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15 Best available widgets on wordpress

As I mentioned before, widgets classification is based on several criteria, and so far, I shared it on the sides, to have a better coordinate information

Given the fact that we’d talked about “Available Widgets” and I’ve made mention of the first two parts of our classification results, today we continue with the third part of the active widgets, consisting of: “Posts I Like”“Recent Commets”“Recent Posts”, “RSS”“RSS Links”“Search”“Send To Readmill”“Tag Cloud”, “Text”“Top Clicks”“Top Posts & Pages”, “Top Rated”, “Twitter”, “Twitter Timeline” and “Upcoming Events”.


  • “Posts I Like” is a list of the posts you most recently liked.


 3 4


  • “Recent Comments” are the most recent comments.




  • “Recent Posts” provide you by sharing the most recent posts on your site.




  • “RSS”: this are entries from any RSS or Atom feed sharing it on the blog.


 7 8


  • “RSS Links”: here you can add links to your blog’s RSS feeds.




  • “Search”: this is a search form for your site.




  • “Send to Readmill”: Readmill is the best book reader for phones and tablets. With this widget you can enable users to send a book to their device with one click.


 11 12


  • “Tag Cloud”: here you can put your most-used tags in cloud format.




  • “Text”: you can add here arbitrary text or HTML.


 14 15


  • “Top Clicks”: this is a list of the most-clicked links on your blog.




  • “Top Posts & Pages”: shows your most viewed posts and pages.


 17 18


  • “Top Rated”: this is a list of your top rated posts, pages or comments.


 19 20


  • “Twitter”: this box widget displays your Tweets from Twitter.




  • “Twitter Timeline”: displays an official Twitter Embedded Timeline widget.


 23 24


  • “Upcoming Events”: this widget displays upcoming events from an iCalendar feed.




            As we’ve finished with this “Available Widgets” section, next time we’ll continue with the “Inactive Widgets” section.

By now, I wish you all a fabulous day with blogging wishing skills to solve new FAQs!

Good bye!