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Cyril P Abraham

I am Cyril P Abraham and I’m living in India, Kerala (Gods own Country). I have 25 years old and work like Software engineer and blogger. This is a blog that provides blogging tips. I’m also working with blogs like share your articles, share your stories, share your ideastips and toolsfashion and sports, health and fitness. Some of my friends, family member’s and co-bloggers are also supporting with these blogs.

We provide tips of creating a blog, Seo tips and support with WordPress, internet marketing..etc..

Madalina-Elena Georgescu

My name is Madalina-Elena Georgescu, I have 26 years old and I’m living in Romania, in Valcea city. I finished Law University and I completed courses as Human Resources Inspector and Operator Input, Processing, Validation Data.

I worked on Sales as clerk and trade worker on catering and electronic field and I’m also a blogger working with blogs like share your articlesshare your stories, share your ideastips and toolsfashion and sports, health and fitness, winter ice magic and destine pierdute. I’m passioned on making blogs, blogs templates and display and also to make it shine using Seo tips, internet marketing and photoshop skills for a greatest look. Hope you enjoy it!

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