4 Top Secure Steps to achieve to WORDPRESS blog


Today we will review a little what we have learned, because might be people who do not know exactly what are the steps that should be the pointed when we start to achieve a WordPress blog.

1. First, let’s answer the question that bothers us the strongest: “What is blogging and how it help us?”

Blogging is a new way of communicating via Internet through which we can create communities and make friends or gain customers for a business that we want to initialize.

2. “What we need to know about blogging?”

Communication, which we achieve a network of friends / clients is a communication script, by publishing online. Articles written thus become subject to service of process (link) between you and those who want to contact.

3. Let’s go back to WordPress. “What is WordPress?”

It is a branch of blogging that allows you to increase your list of friends / clients in a rapid manner, by involving everyone.

Here are some critical steps in the development and facilitation of the use of blogging within WORDPRESS

Providing a host or a domain search paid or free in this case WORDPRESS.COM or opt for the paid WORDPRESS.ORG:

  • Take a look at some classic sites WordPress and also others that are not like WordPress to see the difference;
  • Choose between a paid and a free domain, preferably paid;
  • Check the costs and steps for you to activate your account WORDPRESS (for more details please visit this PAGE);

Want to be your main site or another site that includes it?;

• After this decision you choose to activate your account, you will install WordPress and allows accessibility to your blog;

• The next step is checking the blog control panel with all the options;

• Start the operation by posting itself.

4. Let us return to the control panel of your blog:

Until you enter your blog at the request of the application from your WordPress account, you choose your profile picture and is indicated in the upper right corner in the “New post” application and “Comments” application. Also there you have a box of “Search” that can be accessed for various information from the WordPress. So as a conclusion, your profile is located in the upper right corner.




In the top left you have the main menu, your control panel, the follow button, the like button and display visitors per hour in the past 48 hours.

A “Main Menu” page contains the “New post”, “Reading Panel” reading other blogs that you have created a connection with their author, “Entry for notifications”, “Display in chart format to all visitors who have accessed your blog”, “Your blogs” if you have multiple blogs, “Most recent articles” and last but not least, the entry for “Main Settings”.


 th (1)


A “Secondary menu”, or your blog control panel has the following pages: “Dashboard”, “Edit page”, “Panel for updates” which includes editing a page, an article, or media content page also has secondary menu and sub-units like “Page for comments”, “Shortcut link”, “Random posts”, “Theme” you choose to your blog and page for “Report content”.


 th (3)


I will provide more information next time and I hope to be useful in a large number.

Until next time, however, have a good day!


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