How to Start Blogging Successfully from Beginning

Today we’ll resume the second section of your WordPress secondary menu blog

Last time I did the sectoral classification and in the second section we have identified that the following options: “Posts”, “Media”, “Links”, “Pages”, “Comments” and “Feedbacks” and we will discuss them this time.

1. Posts:

In this section, we have the following subheadings: “All posts”, “Add new”, “Categories”, “Tags” and “Copy a post”.

“All posts” includes all inside blog posts by both the saved drafts and the publish posts.

Subheading “Add new” is where add an item, either  for posting or saving them to the blog.

“Categories” is heading where you do article classification by various criteria.

“Tags” is a special section within posting an article where you can summarize in a few words the essential ideas of the article, so that readers can easily find what interests them according to these tags.

Subheading “Copy to post” you can find the entire posting database, where you can select which posts you want to copy by clicking on “Copy”.



2. Media:

This section includes the subheading “Library” and the “Add new”. In subheading “Library” you will find the database which stores all media attachments (both photos and videos) in order to post. Subheading “Add new” provides you to add a media file in the post you want to save or to publish it.



3. Links:

Section is divided into three subunits: “All links”, “Add new” and “Link Categories”. “All links” includes all connections that you make between pages posted on the blog and other pages. “Add New” you can add a new link and the “Link Categories” you can see the categories of links within your posts.



4, 5, 6. About “Pages”,“Comments” and“Feedbacks” I spoke last time, but we’ll do a little grading in all these fields.

“Pages” contains “All pages”, “Add new” and “Copy a page” that includes exposure to full pages, the addition of a new page and copying a page.

“Comments” include all comments and are classified as: “All”, “Pending”, “Approuve”, “Spam” and “Trash”, which reffears at all messages, the unread ones, the approved comments, the spams and the trash messages. These are the main options of the entry comments. Next time we’ll talk about the other.

And about “Feedbacks”, last time we talked, I classified them in: “Feedbacks”, “Polls” and “Ratings”.





So, next time we’ll talk about the third section of your WordPress blog secondary menu and now I see myself able to wish you all a pleasant blogging and have a nice day!


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