Beginners Guide To WordPress Tutorial Step By Step – Excellent Continuing Explanation

Good day again at a new lesson about blogging and continue with “Appearance” sub-units heading!


1. If the last time we talked about “Themes” and we had classified the “Customize” sub-unit, now it’s time to develop this a little. I guess you like play of colors, so you will see how to give to your blog a fresh look.


       We saw last time that “Customize” sub-unit is classified in “Snapshots”, “Colors”, “Fonts”, “Header”, “BG image”, “Front”, “Site Title” and “CSS” with the options “Save” or “Cancel”.

       Since I do not have a web camera built in my laptop, I can not show you the image it cames from it for the “Snapshots” unit, but I can say with certainty that the picture taken with the camera it will be saved somewhere, where you can use it to the “BG image” as the background image for your blog.

       In the “Colors” unit, you can choose colors for your blog, both text at the top of the blog – header text (if you want to attach a text) and the bottom (background), then you can save the changes, or continue with other changes before saving.


4 5

       In the “Fonts” unit, you can select the type of writing that will be displayed for both headings and the actual text (the “Body text”).


       On the “Header” unit, you will select as the case, the image that will be framed by the background in the top of the blog.


       For “BG image” you can select the desired image from your computer, or change photos whenever you want it and you have three options: “Repeat Background”, “Background Position” and “Background Attachment”.

       In the “Repeat” side, you can choose whether the image to be repeated on all the blog and the manner you want to be repeated, so you have: “No Repeat”, “Tile”, “Tile Horizontally” and “Tile Vertically”.


In the “Position” side, you will choose which position you want to see the picture and you will have: “Left”, “Center” and “Right” and at the “Attachment” side, you have to indicate whether you want the image to move during descent in the page, or if you want to be fixed, so you will have “Fixed” and “Scroll”.

       In “Front” unit you choose the position where you want to display posts, so we have “Your latest posts” and “A static page”.


       In the “Site title”, depending on the nature of your blog and what you want to express through your blog, you will choose your blog title and the blog’s objective in a few words, which are placed at the top of the page. So you have: “Site title”, “Tagline” and “Display Header Text”, box can be checked or not by you, whether you want to display your chosen blog title.


       “CSS” will show details about your blog and displays more general things that would be an interest on this issue.


Do not forget to save changes before closing the page because they are not saved, will return to its original shape! Also important is that these changes can not be made, only partially, because they are changes that are made just for paid accounts for the blog! 

2. Now we move to the third sub-unit of the “Appearance” section and we talk about “Widgets”, why are they useful and how they can be used for added effect for your blog.


       Widgets are used to improve the appearance of your blog and add information both about your blog and other blogs that joins your blog and why not, about your blog subject.

       Widgets are classified into active and inactive widgets and widget bar inside your secondary menu blog is divided into two columns, one on the left and the other one on the right.

       On the left, we have the active and inactive widgets and on the right, we have the other existing widgets and posted on the blog as: “Available Widgets”, “Inactive Widgets”, “Default Sidebar”, “Secondary Sidebar”, “First Footer Widget Area”, “Second Footer Widget Area”, “Third Footer Widget Area” and “Fourth Footer Widget Area”.


       “Available Widgets” includes the following sub-categories: “ Widget”, “Akismet Widget”, “Archives”, “Author Grid”, “Authors”, “BandPage”, “Blogs I Follow”, “Blog Stats”, “ file sharing”, “Calendar”, “Categories”, “Category Cloud”, “Contact Info”, “Custom Menu”, “”, “Facebook Like Box”, “Flickr”, “Follow Blog”, “Goodreads”, “Gravatar”, “Gravatar Profile”, “Image”, “Instagram”, “Links “, “Meta”, “Milestone”, “Music Player”, “My Community”, “Mystique Tabbed Widget”, “Pages”, “Posts I Like”, “Recent Commets”, “Recent Posts”, “RSS”, “RSS Links”, “Search”, “Send To Readmill”, “Tag Cloud”, “Text”, “Top Clicks”, “Top Posts & Pages”, “Top Rated”, “Twitter”, “Twitter Timeline” and “Upcoming Events”.



       “Inactive Widgets” includes too the following sub-categories: “Categories”, “Archives”, “Categories”, “Top Posts & Pages”, “Calendar”, “Text”, “Custom Menu”, “Follow Blog”, “Image”, “Links”, “RSS Links”, “Top Rated”, “Gravatar”, “Twitter” and “Facebook Like Box”.


       At the “Default Sidebar” will find only a few sub-categories, because you will be at the beginning and as you develop your blog, these sub-categories will rise, reaching as shown.

       “Secondary Sidebar” includes the “Blogs I Folow” sub-unit, “First Footer Widget Area” includes “Calendar”, “Text” and “Facebook Like Box” and as the “Second Footer Widget Area”, “Third Footer Widget Area” and “Forth Footer Widget Area”, they do not have any specs on default classifications.


        Next time, we will talk about using them, but until then, I wish you a most relaxing blogging and very well developed blogs.


Good day to all! 🙂


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  1. As a blind blogger, I pretty much rely on WordPress to get the look right. I’m glad that I found your blog because if I can get it in text with my TTS- advice and instruction, that is. I can make improvements on my blog. I am still very ” basic ” but looking to improve!

    1. I’m very happy to hear we can help, so if you need any advice, our posts will be in touch with your necessary topic. 🙂

      1. Thank You, I appreciate it very much!

      2. You’re very welcome!

  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. Thanks..Keep in you can learn more about blogging and marketing..

      1. thank you dear so much

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